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Dina Sutin is a graphic designer and aspiring filmmaker with a small addiction to hiking....and dogs! She received a Bachelor of Science in Radio, TV and Film from the University of Wisconsin - Madison and has worked for over fifteen years in graphic design and multimedia. 

"I learned about what Randy was doing ten days before the official start of winter. Not only did I think it would make a great documentary, but what a perfect excuse to hike EVERY weekend! I jumped on Amazon and ordered cameras and batteries and memory cards and a microphone which all arrived about four days before the first official hike. This being my first "film" and wanting to keep it as real as possible, I just shot as much as I could and tried to let the story tell itself, so I had no idea how it would turn out....or if at all. I didn't even look at any of my footage until after the end of winter - honestly, there just wasn't time. Originally I intended to produce a 15- or 30-minute piece, but there was so much I wanted to include when I started editing, it just grew. If my poor computer could have handled more and I had more time, it could have gone another 45 minutes! I'm happy with how it turned out given the 8 weeks of nights and weekends I spent on it. And I hope you are too!"

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